Thursday, November 23, 2006

Muki keeping an eye on Duboce Park

Muki at Duboce Park in San FranciscoMuki on top of the hill in Duboce Park, keeping an eye on the neigborhood.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Duboce Park with cousin Stormy

Image of Muki and Stormy in Duboce ParkHere's Muki with Uncle Richard and cousin Stormy the dalmation, at San Francisco's Duboce Park.

C'mon Mom, put the camera away and let's go!

Image of Muki and Paul snowshoeingThis is a vintage picture, of Muki on a snowshoeing trip near Echo Summit at Lake Tahoe in February, 1998. He's part husky, and the arctic breed's enthusiasm for snow has always prevailed.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Muki goes to the vet

Image of Muki at vet, sitting upright
Image of Muki at vetHere's Muki at the vet, San Francisco Veterinary Specialists. He's waiting, not happily, for his acupuncture treatment from Dr. David Fong. We attribute his long age--Huskys rarely get past 12 years old--to holistic treatment, good diet, abundant exercise, and lots of love. And if if works for dogs, it might just work for people...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Muki "runs" to catch a train

Muki in Duboce Park, watching a MUNI train go byMuki in Duboce Park, watching a MUNI train go by. Dogs are allowed onboard San Francisco's public transit system as paying customers. These days, most of Muki's travel within the city is by taxi.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Muki rides in comfort

Muki in a Cycletote trailerAnother image of Muki in his Cycletote trailer. When a dog gets to be 14+ years old, they're grateful for a comfortable ride.

Chariots of fur-er

Muki in Cycletote trailerAt age 14, Muki isn't able to do the three mile hikes. So he gets to ride in this cart from Cycletote.

Muki at lunch at Duboce Park Cafe

Muki lunching at Duboce Park CafeMuki and mom at lunch in the Duboce Park Cafe, a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Note Uncle Richard with Cousin Stormy on left edge.

Muki yawns in Duboce Park

Muki yawning in San Francisco's Duboce Park

Muki demanding food

Muki ready for breakfast

Muki and mom in Davis back yard

Muki in back yard in DavisMuki has returned to San Francisco. He misses his back yard in Davis, with a shady juniper tree to sleep under, just like Seabiscuit.

Mukioween 2006

Muki Jacques celebrates Halloween 2006
Muki in Halloween regalia, on his way to the San Francisco Department of Animal Care and Control's Pet Pride Day 2006.